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MacroMavens has been delivering prescient insights on emerging macroeconomic trends and their implications for global financial markets for more than 20 years. The firm was founded in 2002 by Stephanie Pomboy, who spent the prior decade working with Ed Hyman at CJ Lawrence and ISI Group. Recognizing that the greatest investment opportunities lie where market perception has strayed from economic reality, MacroMavens scrupulously analyzes the data, delving beneath the surface, to find hints of shifting trends. Our rigorous analytic approach and willingness to take on the conventional wisdom have consistently enabled us to identify major macroeconomic events – and steer our clients around them — well ahead of the curve. We see the trends that noise-obsessed, consensus thinkers on Wall Street miss.

Our major calls

Barron’s The End of Fiat Money

July 2012

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The Great Bubble Transfer

April 2002

MacroMavens identified the impending inflation of the housing bubble in 2002—before it was even the subject of debate.

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Captain Kirk

June 2006

Argued that financials were just the other side of the housing coin and would get hit as housing bubble burst (2 years early)

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When Animals Attack

December 2007

Argued that the fallout from the housing and credit bust would drive the US economy into biggest downturn since the Great Depression.

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Serenity Now

March 2008

Repeated warnings about financial collapse

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Delusions of Adequacy

March 2010

Written when QE1 ended, we argued that QE2 would shortly follow.

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Third Time’s a Charm

June 2012

Written in the month that QE2 ended, we argued that QE3 would shortly follow.

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Right Fear Wrong Monster

March 2018

Incessant hand-wringing over the ‘government bond bubble’ misses the point. Global central banks will continue to monetize government debt. Corporate credits are the danger area.

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Here Come Santa Pause

December 2018

Called Fed pause QT and rate hikes - and forthcoming reversal of both.

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The Not So Everything Bubble

January 2019

The role that buybacks have played in boosting profits and stock prices will be revealed in its absence.

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Thinking Too Small

July 2019

Expectations for 1-2 more rate cuts woefully underestimate the amount of stimulus to come. The corporate credit bust and pension crisis to follow will make QE1, 2 and 3 look like a warm-up.

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Core values

Our values

Our Team

The MacroMavens team has more than 50years combined experience in the financial industry, at the top Wall Street research firms and investment managers.

Our Clients

…are thoughtful, sophisticated institutions and individuals looking to sidestep market pitfalls and exploit emerging investment opportunities.

Our Work

…eschews the dangerous fixation on short-term squiggles. It is not for herd-followers or daytraders. Our singular focus is on identifying emerging economic trends – likely policy response – and the market implications associated therewith. It’s a serious endeavor. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring! We convey our conclusions in a lively, digestible and frequently off-color commentary.

Our Mission

…first and foremost is to get it right. In an era where investors suffer an excess of useless information and a dearth of useful interpretation MacroMavens does the opposite. Our deep knowledge of the data (including what indicators are valuable at a given point in time and which are not) enable us to unearth, like truffle-sniffing hogs — the macroeconomic treasures hidden beneath and to identify emerging economic trends ahead of the curve.


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MacroMavens is frequently cited in industry publications from Barron’s to Fortune, to The Wall Street Journal. And Stephanie has been the subject of countless interviews on Bloomberg, Fox Business, Real Vision and CNBC.

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